• Roll out the red carpet!
Nothing but glamour for these beauties!
- Consider adding a banner and/or red rope with stanchions to make it official.
- Where to buy a red carpet.
- How to make red rope with stanchions here.
- Where to buy stanchions with red rope.

• How about a balloon arch to honor the beauties?

It's easier than it seems!
- How-to make a balloon arch.
- Where to find an inexpensive arch.

• Create a luminary walkway for the guests as they approach the party.

• Hang a ‘VIP Entrance’ sign (included with the mystery).

• Download and print off pictures of other beauty queen winners and hang them on the wall. (Included with mystery purchase.)
- For added effect, put them in frames.
- You can spray paint the frames gold for an added effect!

• Cut or punch out star shapes out of gold or silver cardstock. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing line or create garland by sewing them together.

• Hang signs for the different areas, “backstage,” “judges lounge,” etc. (Included with the mystery.)

• Create a "Pageant Powder Room".
- Within the powder room, include goodie basket for last-minute touch-ups and freshening up throughout the night. Ideas for items to place in your goodie basket: body glitter, hairspray, nail polish, glitzy eye shadow, compacts, and costume jewelry (found inexpensively at your local Goodwill or re-sale shop).
(Sign for the powder room included with the mystery.)


Click on the links below to order your pageant accessories!
- If you do not see the links, please refresh page.
- You can arrow left/right to see more options!

Three popular color schemes for your party may be gold, white, silver and/or pink.

To pull the color scheme through to your whole space consider the following:

  • When decorating a large area or to make an area look more intimate and festive, consider draping pink, white, silver or gold gossamer across the ceiling, walls, and edges of the tablecloth. Combine two colors for a fabulous appearance.

  • A little spray paint can go a long, long way. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. to help bring out the color theme and add inexpensive decoration to your party.

  • Have a tablecloth—whether plastic or fabric – the colors of your choice.

  • Accentuate your tablecloth with the alternative color by using paint pens or fabric paint to paint on decorative accents.

There are many ways you could use "fancy" or colorful fabric to decorate:

  • Drape brightly colored fabric on the walls like banners.

  • Make a table runner, table cloth and/or napkins.

  • Drape over furniture.

  • Create decorative pillows.

  • Tie to the back of a chair.

    Places to find fancy fabrics inexpensively:
    - Searching clearance bins at fabric stoes
    - Second hand shops
    - The fabric section at Walmart

Give your guests an unforgettable souvenier by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.

A few suggestions:

  • Pick a place where there will be good lighting.

  • You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.

  • Accessories and decorations can make the difference. Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with.

  • An easy way to create a background is to use a "scene setter." These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture.

  • Use props like a red carpet, tiaras, boas, lavish chairs, anything you can think of, to create a staged area for pictures.

  • Make sure there is enough room to fit everyone in to the frame.

  • For individual shots of guests, designate someone to be in charge of pictures as your guests arrive.

    •  Consider your character list and which character would fit the role of taking the picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures.

    • For a group picture, take one just before the introduction is read or right after the solution is read (before people may start heading out).

      o These are two times when you can count on everyone being around and attentive.

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