One option is to serve a number of pink delicacies! Pink champagne, pink lemonade, pink popcorn, pink maccaroons, etc. You name it. Check out this website for more ideas and recipes for pink food.

Click on pictures above for links to recipes

A stately Affair
Serve food and drinks from each of the states -- Mississippi Mud Pies, Texas Toothpicks, Alaskan Salmon Cakes, Alabama Slammers, Californian Wine, you get the picture.
- For a potluck, have each of the girls/women bring a dish from their "home state."

Keep it small
These are health conscience beauty queens! Serve everything in smaller portions (of course they can eat just as much!). Mini cupcakes, cocktail weiners, finger sandwiches, etc. Any bite size food will do. Present each of the foods on a little doily to add elegance.

Fried and Fabulous!
These pageant beauties are probably sick of dieting for their big day. Serve an array of fattening (but delicious) foods.

American Fare
Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, Smithfield ham, New England Clam chowder, apple pie. Foods that this country is known for.

  • Top your cupcakes with some "crowning moments" (pictured below). Cupcake toppers included with the mystery purchase.

  • Take any cake and add a butcher knife with some red food gel to add a murderous appeal!

  • All it takes are some tiaras, and you have turned any cake (or cupcakes) into a themed dessert for your blushing beauties!

    • Construct one long table for dinner. Use a brightly colored or metallic piece of fabric for a runner.

    • Drape table with gossamer and put white twinkle brghts underneath to illuminate.

    • Decorate the table runner with gold fabric paint.

    • Include gold- or silver-toned plastic plates, cups and plastic/silverware.

    • Purchase gold colored plastic cups and hot glue fake jewels to the outside of the cups.

    • Have decorative napkins held together by elaborate (costume) jewelry.

    • Finish off by tying a tulle or other fabric bow onto each chair.
    • Use a centerpiece of white roses (fake or real) in a clear vase filled with sparkly gems or beads.

    • Spray paint decorative vases and use them as centerpieces. Add flowers or lights to highlight them.
    • Make your own placecards with designs included in the mystery packet (pictured below).

    • Display your menu for everyone to see or have it at each place setting. (Menu template included with package.)


    State songs: Make a mix and include songs from the diferent states: Sweet Home Alabama (Lynard Skynard), New York, New York (Tony Bennett),California Girls (The Beach Boys), Texas (George Strait), etc.

    Pageant favorites: Make a mix and include such songs as: Miss America (Nick Carter), Beauty Queen (Brat) and Little Miss America (Stewart Francke), Here She Comes Miss America. Or try this mix.

    Patriotic Music: Pay tribute to this country by playing a compilation of songs about America. Find it here.

    For Free Music: Visit your local library to borrow copies of any of the music above or your own picks.

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